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Prague, Czechia

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  • UGC is the perfect combination for me, where I can blend my marketing expertise with my passion for visual art.

  • With 2.5 years of knowledge of marketing, sales, and psychology, I create compelling videos that advertise your products effectively.

  • Collaborating with me will free up your time, allowing you to focus on what's essential for your business. -->Content creation? That's my job.

My Previous Work

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  • I can create UGC videos in any niche
  • Can be both in English&Czech
  • Customised content for your brand
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Check it for yourself

Problem/solution (Tech)

Problem/solution in Czech (Health)

Testimonial / Skin-care

phillips / steamer

the Body shop


Testimonial English Courses


Product review & How to (Tech)

Product review w/ voiceover

Wellness App Demo

Tech / Mixer


the smiling mind


Tutorial Makeup


Unpacking + Haul

Aesthetic Unboxing

Organic Content/ beauty

orghanic content/fashion

Na-kd / fashion

Douglas / Beauty

UGC photography


We discuss your brands expectations, deliverables, rates, content brief & ideas, so that we can reach a mutual agreement.

Our collaboration process will look like


After I receive the product to my address (if delivery is required) I start creating the first concept by filming and editing within 2-3 days.

(We can discuss the deadline matters in more detail if needed)


I will send the deliverables without watermark after receiving the payment.

Please reach out so we can discuss rates / custom Packages

for you and your brand !

My Organic Videos

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